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He was very sincere and took quite a bit of time to explain things to me. I had a couple of questions which he answered quickly.

Ann J.

I like his clarity, promptness and his honesty as far as answering questions. If he doesn't know the answer,he will get back to me. I like his integrity.

Charelle F.

He's very helpful in answering my questions. It is easy to get an appointment with him. He is also very close by.

August F.

He is very easy to get ahold of, precise, and easy to work with. I don't say this often, but he's given some of the best service I've ever seen.

Bradley G.

I adore Russell. He is always there for me. No matter how silly the queston is, he answers and reassures me as to whether I am doing something right. I refer him to everyone I know.

Carmen S.

The attention to detail, promptness and thoroughness, he has intergrity, genuineness and authenticity. He stayed in good communication with us. He's always on top of the communication. We are just really happy.

Connie G.

He is very detail oriented. He explains what he is doing. Most tax people just run thorugh the numbers and don't tell you what they are doing or why.

Duy N.

He's a good tax guy. You can ask him any kind of question. I always get stressed out during quarterly taxes, so I ask for the worst case scenario and he gives me the information I need.

Francie H.

The efficiency as well as the very personalized, friendly service, he provides me with better advice than a standard tax preparer.

Kelly J.

He's very personable. I really like working with him because I feel like he is on my level and really understands what my business needs are. He has done such an incredible job of sittng down with me and explaining thingd. He's gone above and beyond.

Michael P.